Helpful Tips on Cleaning Your Air Duct

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Birmingham air duct cleaning is one of the options most people choose when thinking about cleaning their air duct. It is always recommended that you call professionals for works like this as this requires expertise, experience and proper equipment and tools. However, when you have some budget cuts, it is not impossible to do the works on your own – of course after knowing the procedures and some tips that this article will provide. 



Why is it important to clean your air duct? You have spent time learning how to clean your dryer vents, walls, and car seats, so why not include your HVAC? You HVAC is responsible for giving you a purified and clean air in your house; it is time to give back the favor.  


Tips for cleaning your air ducts 

  • Do your cleaning for at least once a year for a balanced maintenance. Lift your register as well as vacuum any debris or dust that you see to clean it. You can do this once or twice every month.  


  • Install a vent register filters especially when you have children or some dogs and cats who like to play and often cause some dirt on the floor.  


  • Always change the air filter of your HVAC after cleaning your ducts.  


Things you will need: 


  • Paper towels – paper towels as a cover allow you to keep your floor clean from the dirt you will be obtained from the air duct. 


  • Brush  – a brush that is similar to a toilet brush is ideal for this cleaning procedure. When this is unavailable, you can opt for a stiff-bristled brush. 


  • Furnace filter  – you will need this when the cleaning process is done.  


  • Vacuum – a heavy-duty vacuum is ideal for this works, but your house0hold-type of vacuum is still okay. 


  • Screwdriver – this is important for removing and installing fasteners. A Philips screwdriver is okay.  




How to clean 


  1. Unscrewed the wall registers using the drill. Wash the vent in a sink with soap and hot water to remove stains. Let it dry. 


  1. once the dirt is removed from the registers, your cordless drill needs to be attached to the dryer vent brush. Make sure that it is properly and tightly attached. 


  1. Turn on the drill to allow it to whip the brush around the duct. 


  1. While the drill is running, pull back.  


  1. Turn off the drill when the brush reaches down and remove the vent brush.  


  1. Put your vacuum cleaner hose. Make sure that the dust brush is connected attachment to the duct. 


  1. Wipe the inside of the duct using a damp microfiber cloth. Use some spray for difficult stains.  




Again, maintenance is important, and while we provided you some tips and easy steps on how to clean your equipment, it is still advised that you seek help from professionals as they know exactly what to do. You can always maintain and clean your air duct at least once a year to make sure it is properly maintained.  

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Tips to Control Your Pests in Cold Weathers

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The season of bugs in summer, however, just because winter has come does not indicate that pests will go away. Actually, the outside’s cold weather usually signifies that you’ve got a greater opportunity to deal with particular critters in your house and lawns. Now, to stop typical wintertime pests, check out some of the recommended and effective tips listed below: 

Rats and mice 

There are some things that can really make us cringe just like house rodents. Rodents, rats, and mice can look for ways to get inside your property at any time of the year. However, your indoor’s warmer condition is perfect for them to nest. Also, did you know that mice have the ability to give birth to approximately ten times every year, typically of 5-6 babies ever litter? The tiny ones could begin to have babies of their own within just a few months. Hence, to ignore a mice issue could actually get worse rapidly. To look for mice, you should pay attention to small gnaw marks on bags and boxes of food on top of small amounts of insulation, shredded papers, and runways. Aside from that, make sure to look for dropping that’s similar to small black rice grains. 

Install you’re the mouse traps that you want in areas where you think mice exist and frequently check them. Such areas include under the sink, behind the fridge, and in the pantry. As you set up traps, make sure to utilize gloves to aid in blocking your natural scent. We suggest that aside from applying mind kill traps, you should not use glue traps as well. Though it works, they are unreasonably cruel and it would take a long and painful time for a rodent to die using that technique. As you use poison or set up traps, keep in mind to think about your children and pets in your home. Make sure that they will all be out of reach for safety purposes.  

In contrast to famous beliefs, mice aren’t really into cheese. Rather, opt to utilize peanut butter as an alternative. You can also use hard candy, sunflower seeds, or nuts. You just need to follow the directions given by your traps and then inspect them regularly. Once you’ve observed that you haven’t caught anything after a few days, attempt to move or reposition your traps to some places. 

Other tips of DIY pest control 

Though the most common intruders are mice, there are other critters that usually visit your home as well like bat, raccoon, or squirrel. They usually look for ways to get in once the climate reduces. You could take some preventative measures on your own now that can also aid in protecting your home as the weather begins to warm again and spring approaches. Look for drafty areas, holes, and seal crack in outside of your property. Never neglect areas such as your attic, crawlspace, and basement. If you can see any gaps, you can apply an expanding foam or some materials that can fill in any gaps entirely. For more Merced California Lawn services, visit our website from time to time. 

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